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All of our lining solutions are designed to be fast applied and even faster drying to limit downtime. Browse through our lining solutions to see the different applications our products are used for. Once you’ve read enough simply submit a call back request and we’ll give you a call right away to answer any remaining questions you may have.

Lining Solutions

Pools and Ponds

Guaranteed up to 20 years

Pool and Pond Lining

Over time, traditional pool linings can crack and deteriorate, allowing water to leak into the pool surroundings. Unique Resins's swimming pool coatings ensure your swimming pool is coated to last.

Hardwearing pool coatings. Swimming pool linings from Unique Resins derive from rigorously tested, high performing, industrial floor coatings. Our coating solutions are built to last, to withstand harsh wearing conditions, to flex with the substrate they are coating and avoid cracking, to be abrasion and chemical resistant and to be easy to clean. Our swimming pool familiy of resin linings can also be seen in our aquarium arena solutions, providing easy to clean, odourless, algae free, fish-friendly solutions.

Colourful swimming pool linings. Our swimming pool coverings are available in a full range of colours and textures. Whether you opt for traditional blue or a vibrant green, you will enjoy a smooth, seamless finish that will stand the test of time.

Slip resistant swimming pool linings. Our swimming pool coverings can be mixed with a number of aggregates to provide you with the perfect slip-free finish, giving you an instantly waterproof, slip resistant, impermeable coating that's durable, hardwearing and pleasing to the eye.

Lining Solutions

Aquariums & Zoos

Guaranteed up to 20 years

Aquariums & Enclosures

Spray applied, watertight, animal friendly, and QUICK! Aquarium and enclosure coatings from Unique Resins are ideal for waterproofing and lining aquariums, fishponds and zoo enclosures. Originally developed for heavy-duty industrial applications, Unique Resins's aquarium and enclosure coatings were designed from the outset to be tough, durable, and really quick to apply and set. But more importantly for aquatic life related applications, they were also designed to be totally inert so that, once cured, they will not create any contamination or react with any other substances present. Not only that, but our range of aquarium and enclosure coatings can be applied in any choice of colour and in custom surface finishes from smooth easy clean finishes to high grip, non slip finishes.

No water quality problem. Unlike some other materials used in aquarium and enclosure sealing or aquarium and enclosure lining, Unique Resins's aquarium and enclosure coatings have no water-soluble components and do not leach any contaminant into the water. Even better, long term tests and years of use have confirmed that our aquarium and enclosure linings do not encourage algae growth at all and any natural algae surface deposits can be completely removed extremely easily.

Animal-friendly colourful finishes. Customised surface texturing is a major advantage in many ways. Any surface where animals or aquatic life may come into contact with the aquarium or enclosure linings can be textured to avoid or eliminate any damage to the animal. Where your aquarium and enclosure linings are required to provide good grip for aquatic plant life to become established, the surface can be customised accordingly. And, of course, the fact that your aquarium and enclosure coatings can be supplied in any of the RAL colours means it’s easy to ensure all aspects of the aesthetics of displays are just how they should be.

Unique Resins has it covered. Our aquarium and enclosure linings can be applied in thicknesses from 1 mm to 5 mm in one application. They bond perfectly to glass or other transparent materials used for tank sides or underwater viewing areas. Our aquarium and enclosure coatings can be used to coat any surface – concrete, wood, plastic, metals, etc. They can even be applied on loose substrates such as sand or soils – it’s possible to just dig a hole, perform some minimal surface preparation, then spray on Unique Resins to achieve a watertight pool lining. Unbelievable? It’s already been done many times.

Fast and efficient. Our aquarium and enclosure coatings cure incredibly quickly even at low operating temperatures. This fast application process means the animals can be back into their repaired or refurbished home in a very short space of time. It means new build projects can be completed very quickly and economically cutting out the expenses associated with the alternative long drawn out construction methods. Plus once applied, the in built flexibility of the coating means it is extremely resistant to cracking or splitting caused by natural ground movement or vibration. Our aquarium and enclosure linings are easy to keep clean and in the event of any unfortunate accidental damage are easy to repair – by simply applying a neat secondary coat of coating over the damaged area

Lining Solutions

Chemical Containment

Guaranteed up to 20 years

Chemical Containment Coatings

Unique Resins chemical resistant linings are ideal for liquid containment facilities and bunds. Our robust coating solutions for chemical containment ensure your bund will be fit for purpose in the event of a leak or catastrophic failure.

Chemical resistant linings. Bunds need to stand up to a range of dangerous liquids. Liquids that are toxic, corrosive, solvent and flammable. Many bunds are built using concrete and if not coated correctly they can lose their ability to contain fluids due to cracking, chemical erosion or damage. As well as being abrasion resistant, our bund linings are resistant to most liquids including acids, solvents and fuels.

Hard wearing bund linings. Our bund linings are elastomeric, meaning they are designed to flex with the substrate they are applied to. This means that our bund linings are crack and flake resistant as well as being entirely seamless and not prone to degradation from UV rays.

Easy to apply bund linings. Our bund linings can be spray applied in minutes and ready to walk on in seconds. They can be directly applied to a range of substrates including concrete, metal and timber - even whilst damp. All providing you with a fast turnaround and minimum downtime.












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