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UNIQUE Metflex Liquid Pond Liner is a one component liquid waterproofing composition, which after polymerisation produces a totally inert, aquatic life friendly, elastomeric, cold applied polyurethane membrane.

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UNIQUE Metflex Pond Primer is a one component, low viscosity, polyurethane based primer suitable for many different substrates. It is characterised by its very low viscosity and balanced curing speed which result in excellent wetting, impregnation and coat over time on different substrates whether of high, low or no porosity (e.g. glass and metals). Additionally, it can be effectively used on both dry and wet concrete, even green concrete. The cured Metflex Pond Primer film displays outstanding mechanical properties: Its elongation is > 300%, and its tensile strength surpasses 30 N/mm².

Apply with brush or roller. Usage: 100-200gr/m², subject to substrate porosity.

Recommended as a primer for:

  • Concrete / cement (Humid, damp or wet concrete)

  • Ceramic tiles

  • Non porous substrates like glass, marble and metals

  • Blockwork

  • Timber

Features and Benefits:

  • One component

  • Very low viscosity

  • Easily applied by roller, brush or squeegee, even on wet concrete (providing standing water is removed)

  • Adheres strongly, even on glassy, non porous substrates i.e. ceramic tiles, steel or most other metals

  • Excellent wetting, impregnation and coat-over time

  • Elastic.

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